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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam, We bid you Adieu

Breaking News! Saddam Hussein was sentenced to be hanged (not to be confused with hung, which only God can sentence a man to be) by the Iraqi Tribunal today (full story)

Blogger is seldom shocked, but feels like he just stuck a paper clip in the light socket, again.
It will be quite interesting to see the international response to the US Governor of Texas, George W. Bush, sentencing another dictator to the gallows. Texas is famous for handing out the death penalty to the mentally ill, countless minorities and the occasional teenager not yet old enough to vote. But to Blogger's extensive knowledge, this is the first Head of State on Texas Death Row.
True, it was not really the US doing the sentencing, but there is certainly a general perception, whether right or wrong, that all courts and political bodies in Iraq exist due to the will and guidance of American puppeteers. Its shocking to think that the puppeteers' hands stuck up the bum of another sovereign country's politicians are those of US politicians with their heads stuck up the same orifice.
This should do wonders for the US Brand.
But on the bright side, that's one less Yankees fan out there. And as a Mets fan, Blogger will definitely take a slice of that silver lined pie.


At 12:46 am, Blogger Carlos said...

Wise words and musings. I agree with that except for the Mets part. Just kidding. Thanks for your comment.

At 2:23 pm, Blogger Bili Rubin said...

There has to be puppeteering going on, I agree. How else has a new development in "the war on terror" coincided with every major political moment in the U.S. for the last 5+ years? How did Saddam get sentenced the Sunday before elections? It has to be more than sheer convenience that this news broke just in time for today's eve of the election paper.

At 2:38 pm, Blogger Bili Rubin said...

And by the way, where did you get that photo? That's unbelievable.

At 5:44 pm, Blogger Catalonic said...

Bili, you're such a conspiracy theorist. George Bush is a good Christian and would never associate himself with such media manipulation. Evangelical Christians don't do things like that, and they most certainly don't snort tons of Crystal Meth and have bum sex. On unrelated note, see story on Bush's spiritual advisor Ted Haggard

At 8:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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